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It's always a challenge to find a balance between old and new, nature and artificial. 

I believe that no matter which, always turns out the best when is being honest from the inner heart.


Bach després de Bach

Bach violin concerto in E major and double concerto with oboeist Célia Tort and a after talk with audiences. in 25th anniversary of the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia

" L’oboè i el violí es troben, intercanvien confessions i s’acomiaden.... "

- Text de Cèlia Tort


a unique and innovative musical duo that seamlessly blends the timeless sound of the violin with the rich and vibrant tones of the marimba. Comprised of Wan-ru Cheng and Rachel Xi Zhang, this dynamic duo is dedicated to exploring new sonic territories and, with a focus on collaboration and innovation, they aim to create multi-sensory art projects in partnership with like-minded young artists from various art forms. 

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33,7 - a project by United Instruments of Lucilin - is first of all based on the idea of a gigantic musical cartography portraying the population mix characteristic of the south of Luxembourg and its French neighboring region. A mix or diversity that will be transcribed in 2022 minutes (33,7 hours!) of music commissioned or borrowed from composers whose nationalities, gender, generations will represent in a proportional way the population of the region concerned by "Esch2022 European Capital of Culture".

Aristos Quartet

The Aristos Quartet is an international quartet based in The Hague. It was founded in 2008. Their broad repertoire is widely ranged; from Boccherini to Janacek, from Sweelinck to Röntgen. In 2016, the composer Carlos Michans wrote his 3rd string quartet ‘Lacrimae’ especially for the Aristos Quartet. In 2018 the quartet travelled to Prague to meet with their mentor Pavel Fischer (Skampa Quartet) working on his quartet “Morava” and other Czech repertoire, which holds a special place in the Aristos quartet’s heart.


Haydn op Zondag

Monthly collaboration project by professional musicians with amateurs. Rehearse and perform a symphony by Joseph Haydn in two and a half hours, one and the half hour of rehearsal with a short coffee break before the final performance. The goal of the project is to perform all 104 of Haydn's symphonies and now already half way through. 


In this eight-part series, ten talented opera singers sing a well-known aria each week, which is then judged by an expert jury: Rosemary Joshua, head of Dutch National Opera Studio with, Tania Kross,  Floris Kortie and a secret judge. This program presented by Dionne Stax on NPO 1.

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Venus Falling

Tiny desk project, "Venus Falling" is part of red light arts and culture project. A classical contemporary piece featuring chamber ensemble, mezzo-soprano, and two actors (one in Dutch and one and English). Music by Allison Wright  (she/her) and text by Dior Sutherland  (they/them).


Golden Indie Music Awards 2020

You’re aware that you’re in a dream

Where you have all the control.

Would you like to wake up?

Or would you stay dreaming ....


- YenTing Lo




Red light arts and culture

Red Light Arts & Culture is a new organization consisting of young, locally living and working, professional musicians and creative people based in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our goal is to increase the liveability of the neighborhood by adding to the rich cultural history and diversity of the Red Light District.

State of mind

The sophomore album "State of Mind" of the quartet around guitarist and composer Gilles Grethen further develops the band’s sound situated between traditional and modern jazz. 


Kamerata Zuid

Presenting classical and contemporary music in a new setting and thus connecting even more people to classical music.

Kamerata Zuid makes the link between contemporary artists and classical composers. Collaboration between rock star Jett Rebel and composer Chiel Meijering, or singer Anneke van Giersbergen and composer Anthony Fiumara. As a result, a broad and extensive audience is introduced to classical music and new music is literally created.


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